Payroll Services

A151 delivers a professional, timely, hassle-free payroll service and can provide any IT contracting advice you require. We have been supplying payroll services in Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide since 2003.

Before You Begin Work

We provide free advice on arranging your new contract. We can provide referrals to quality recruitment agencies to help you find your next contract position. We inspect the contract before signing and advise you of any potential issues. We recommended that you read your contract in full before signing or agreeing to it and ask any questions if need be. We will also liaise with your agency to organise signing contracts and setup of the invoicing and payment process.

After You Begin Work

As part of our normal payroll service we will do the following:

  • Invoice your agency for hours you have worked in the previous pay period (e.g. previous month).
  • After your agency has paid A151, we will process your pay and the funds due to you will be deposited by direct credit to your nominated bank account.
  • Pay GST and PAYG tax to the ATO as required by law.
  • Your superannuation contributions will be deposited into your nominated super fund as required by law. You can elect to salary sacrifice additional funds above the minimum legal superannuation contribution requirement of 9%. Upon request we can also send you a Superannuation Statement so you are fully informed of the superannuation amounts that have been paid to your fund.
  • Send you a Payment Summary at the end of each financial year, to be used in completing your tax return.

We aim to provide a fully transparent payroll service. If you have any questions at all about your payments we are more than happy to clarify.

Administration Fee

A151 charges $2.10 per hour (GST inclusive) for payroll services, which includes your workers compensation insurance. The fee per pay period (e.g. per month) is calculated by multiplying the number of hours you worked in that pay period by $2.10. This is the only fee you will pay, there are no other fees or charges.

This is significantly cheaper than if you worked directly for an agency or other large company and had to deduct payroll tax from your income. These fees go towards covering you for worker's compensation insurance as well as general company expenses such as accountant fees, bank fees, company set-up fees, ASIC fees, etc.

If you choose to include a car lease in your package this will increase the Administration Fee by $0.30 per hour. This covers additional expenses for processing car expenses, withholding fringe benefits tax (FBT), accountant fees and submitting FBT returns to the ATO.

The basic $2.10 per hour Administration Fee is for monthly payment processing. If you choose to have your pay processed fortnightly and your agency pays fortnightly, the Administration Fee increases by $0.20 per hour. If you choose to have your pay processed weekly and your agency pays weekly, the Administration Fee increases by $0.40 per hour. This covers the additional time required to process payments more frequently.

Car Leases

A151 is experienced at providing novated car leases as part of an employee's salary package. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in a novated car lease. In general you need to be driving more than 25,000kms per year before a lease is worthwhile from a tax saving point of view. Due to FBT reporting requirements and increased administration complexity, if you do decide to enter into a novated lease arrangement you will be required to pay a slightly higher Administration Fee (see Administration Fee above).

Employee Pre-Tax Expenses

Generally any expense that you would normally claim as a deduction on your personal tax return can instead be claimed as a pre-tax employee expense through A151. These items include work related textbooks, work related seminars or training courses, laptops, work briefcases, personal organizers (PDAs) and mobile phones.

All you need to do to claim expenses is purchase the item in your name and send us a copy of the receipt. We will then ensure your next pay has the cost of the item as a pre-tax expense and that the amount is reimbursed to you.

You cannot claim the expense as both a pre-tax deduction with A151 and as a deduction on your personal tax return. The tax saving is identical, the only difference is that you get the money in your hand sooner if you claim it as a pre-tax deduction with A151 rather than waiting until the end of the financial year to claim it on your personal tax return. These expense are not subject to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

Expenses you generally cannot claim as an employee pre-tax expense:

  • Petrol or other car allowances if you do not have a novated lease arrangement and you are not driving from one work place to another work location.
  • Parking
  • Dry-cleaning of work clothes
  • Mobile or home phone bills
  • Home internet access
  • Portions of your home electricity for phone or internet

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